Play. laugh. heal.

Healing from within…

I help children understand themselves better by using play therapy techniques to explore their feelings and thoughts.

Natasha whatmore
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"The child is only confused by questions that have been answered by someone else before he is asked."

Virginia M. Axline [Dibs; in Search of Self]

I encourage child-led play, and believe in providing a safe space, where children can explore their sense of self. I myself am simply the observer.

About Me

I specialize in using play therapy techniques to help children understand and navigate their worldview and sense of self.

I have extensive experience applying play therapy techniques to aid children in gaining insight into their self-perception and worldview, facilitating a deeper understanding of their identity and surroundings. I have dedicated a substantial amount of time to the in-depth study of child development, accumulating eight years of hands-on experience in the field.

My professional focus extends to working with children with disabilities, where I have honed a particular proficiency. Rather than engaging in diagnostic practices, my approach is centered around empowering children to proactively address and overcome challenges, fostering a deeper understanding of their environment through the transformative power of play.


Play is not just a pastime for children; it is their language, their way of working through the complexities of life, and their path to healing and growth.

play. laugh. heal.

"Through play, children learn to communicate, understand their emotions, and navigate their world with confidence."

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